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Gaming Americas: Crowdsourced Insights and Bet Tracking

An interview with JuiceReel CEO Ricky Gold the future of gambling insights.

Ricky had the opportunity to sit down with George Miller, of Gaming Americas, this month and discuss the JuiceReel platform, crowd sourced gambling insights, and where we see the app going in the future.

Juice Reel is on a mission to become the ultimate ecosystem for the modern sports bettor. With its mobile app synced to 250+ sportsbooks, the data it collects is unprecedented and has become a must-have tool for bettors looking to make better wagering decisions.

For sportsbooks, Juice Reel is now an effective acquisition and retention engine. Not only does the app drive users to place bets with regulated operators, the company’s new subscription-based Crowdsourced Insights is delivering valuable insight that data-driven bettors crave.

Gaming Americas spoke to Ricky Gold, CEO of Juice Reel, to learn more about the company’s model, how its range of features work, and what the future holds for sports betting in the US.” – George Miller

Read the full interview here: https://gamingamericas.com/sports-betting/2022/02/17/83779/interview-juice-reels-ceo-on-how-its-bet-tracking-tool-and-crowdsourced-insights-is-elevating-the-experience-for-data-driven-bettors/

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