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With bet syncing from over 300 sportsbooks, Juice Reel is the most comprehensive sports betting betting tool for bettors.  Our users can visualize and analyze their betting behavior through the app. This includes insights to the teams, bet types, and sports they bet on most right in  your phone. 

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The Juice Reel app is a robust set of analytics tools about your bets, you can confidently make smarter decisions with Juice Reel. We also offer a suite of sports betting tools and resources (like showing you the best lines/odds across all major sportsbooks) and provide opportunities to capitalize on more winnings.

Understand Yourself

Get insights into your overall betting habits and analyze your performance over time with the ultimate sports betting tool

Understand Yourself: Bet Syncing

Sports Betting Tool for Making Data-Driven Decisions

With a record of your bets and insights to your wins/losses in one app, Juice Reel offers additional intelligence resources to help users bet smarter.


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Find Your Next Winning Bet With Juice Reel

Juice Reel’s sports betting tool syncs data from our users and integrated sportspooks creating an evergrowing pool helping you make smarter, easier betting decisions.  

Centralize Your Bets

Automatically Sync Bets From 300+ Sportsbooks

Performance Data

Get Analytics Insights On Your Bets & Lines

Get The Best Lines

Seamlessly Shop the Best Lines Across Every Sportsbook

Crowdsourced Data

Analyze Community Insights to Bet Smarter

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