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Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Use Juice Reel?

You can start using Juice Reel by downloading the Juice Reel app on the Apple AppStore or the Google Play App Store. We’ll have a video coming soon that will walk users through the app’s features and how to integrate yopur sportsbooks in the platform. 

Does Juice Reel cost Money? ​

No, Juice Reel is completely free to use. There are opportunities to access premium datapoints within the app for a cost, but even without spending any money Juice Reel will enhance your betting experience, help you bet smarter, and create value for you

Is Juice Reel a sportsbook? Can you bet on Juice Reel?

Juice Reel is not a sportsbook. Juice Reel is a suite of tools built to help you bet smarter. The Juice Reel app uses data and analytics to help you decide what to bet on and at which sportsbook to place your bet at. Once you place a bet at a sportsbook (and assuming you linked in your betting account), your betting history will load into Juice Reel

What if I don't see my sportsbook or betting site in the list of Juice Reel bet-sync books?

Juice Reel has bet-syncing for over 300 sportsbooks and betting websites and we are constantly growing the list of supported books. You can request another book to be built in by going into our app, clicking “Settings”, Clicking “Bet Syncing”, and then clicking “Don’t see your site? Request it here”. We will get to work on it for you and provide a timeline for its release.

Why Should I Use Juice Reel?

If you’re going to bet on sports, you should be using Juice Reel. Juice Reel is free and the only betting tool built to help you before, during, and after the game. By linking in your sportsbook(s), all your betting history automatically loads into Juice Reel – that process is known as Bet Syncing. 

Juice Reel analyzes your data to help you learn what you’re winning on and where you’re losing in a one-of-a-kind personalized data-driven experience. We use all of the data the whole Juice Community synced in to help you follow winners and avoid copying losing bettors. 

As a leading bet tracking app, Juice Reel helps ensure you always get the best spreads and odds on your bets. This is the tip of the iceberg; check out the app at the Apple Store or Google Play Store